Reconstruct the Selection Tree

The following steps will show how to reconstruct Selection Tree view in Navisworks model.

With ReConstruct tool we will export a new NWD file to reorganize and group a model’s hierarchy to optimize the model’s selection tree.

A Selection Tree prior to reconstructing.
A Selection Tree after reconstructing.


The first step is to identify a property you want to use for grouping. All properties need to be on the same tab (can be done with Integrator). In this example, we are using iConstruct Discipline, iConstruct Equipment Number and iConstruct Name property in the iConstruct tab.

"Step 1"


Go to General Configuration tab in the iConstruct panel and click on ReConstruct Configuration tool.

"Step 2"


Select an item in the background and click on Get NW Props button.

"Step 3"

This loads all the Navisworks properties. Click OK.

"Step 3"


Go to Standard tab and select the tab with properties to reconstruct by under Group By Attribute (iConstruct in our example).

"Step 4"


Select the property you want to define as a Layer (iConstruct Discipline in our example).

"Step 5"


Select the property you want to group by and define Group Name (iConstruct Equipment Number in our example).

"Step 6"


Select the property you want to use for geometry - Part Name (iConstruct Name in our example).

"Step 7"


You have three option with Selection Mode. Choose if you want to export whole model, just selected element or all visible elements.

"Step 8"


Go to Advanced tab and make sure that Use Default Group and Use Default Layer are checked. These will group the items with no Group and Layer Value in a group NOGROUP/NOLAYER.

"Step 9"

STEP 10:

Go to Standard tab, type in the Template Name, click Save and Close.

"Step 10"

STEP 11:

We created a new template in ReConstruct tab in the iConstruct panel. Click Discipline-Line No. button (or whatever you named it), define a path and name of the file and save it.

"Step 11"

STEP 12:

Click OK when exported.

"Step 12"

Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct panel ➤ Go to General Configuration tab ➤ Run ReConstruct Configuration ➤ Select Group By Attribute from drop-down list ➤ Select Layer By Attribute ➤ Select Group By Property ➤ Select Group Name ➤ Select Part Name ➤ Define Selection Mode ➤ Define Template Name ➤ Save