"Step 1"

Layers Before Groups:

By default all parts of the group will exist on the layer of the first object, to keep groups consistent. Thicking this checkbox it enables user to split these gropus across layers.

Note: using this feature as splitting a group may cause quantity errors based on group counts.

Export 1 NWD Per Group:

Instead of regrouping the model, each group is exported as a separate NWD. Useful for batch-generating workpacked models. For faster preformance and better control with bigger models use BIMflow.

Used for checking for incremental property values. For example reconstructing an IFC with multiple assembly levels, AssemblyGUID, AssemblyGUID2 etc. Ticking this checkbox feature scans for the last instance of the property to use. Useful for sub-assemblies in native CAD packages.

Accumulate Properties:

As the properties are enumerated from the geometry level up, all the properties are appended together instead of just having the properties applied from the level that the grouping property is found at.

Merge Contents of Groups:

The geometry for the group is combined into one object and the first returned property set is applied to the new joined object.

Merge Contents of Inserts:

The geometry for the insert is combined into one object and the first returned property set is applied to the new joined object.

Convert All Property Data types to Text:

Format all data to text. Properties may have its data type changed part way through a model (ie a number changes to text). This can cause issues when reporting and/or using other functions. This checkbox re-format properties to text.

Include Lines:

2D linework will be included in the exported NWD.

Save Color/Transparency Overriddes:

When writing the new NWD, use the overridden colors & transparency instead of the native colours. Useful if different projects have different standard color requirements.

Create Item Guid if not present:

It creates Guid property for all items that does not have it. If a Guid exists on the item, it will be copied over.

Convert Revit Values to Display Units:

It converts the Revit Property units to the current display units when exporting new NWD file.

Ignore File nodes for Direct Export:

When directly exporting a selection (ie without nominating a grouping level), this will avoid replicating the original file node as the top-level node in the new NWD hierarchy.

Prefix User Data with:

It adds prefix to the name of the all user data tabs.

Set Property Read Level:

Manually define a level from where it'll read the properties to use for reconstructing.

Use Default Group:

Nominated default group name for items without a group. If this is not ticked, ungrouped items will be ‘loose’ in the model.

Use Default Layer:

Nominated default layer name for items without a layer. If this is not ticked, unlayered groups and items will be ‘loose’ in the model.

Include/Exclude Attributes/Properties during ReConstruct:

Include/Exclude ticked property tabs from the exported model.

"Step 2"

Change Attribute to Hidden:

Hides the nominated tabs. Useful for models with many data tabs that are handy to keep but not essential. Tabs can be made visible using the Navisworks Option Interface -> Developer -> Show Internal Properties.

"Step 3"