User Interface

The Datasources interface is where you load all your project data; material, P6, engineering, project controls, etc. Once you load the data, you can merge that into the Main table and build your relationships for Staging table and Workpacks.


To access Datasources settings click on the project name above Control Panel ribbon.

"Step 1"


Click on the Datasources button.

"Step 2"


This dialogue works in 4 sections:

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Create, edit, import and export work breakdown structures.

"Step 3"

Data Tables: Add and edit various data tables, link and manage the external data.

"Step 3"

Properties: Add and edit properties that are required for creating work packages, build the relationship between properties, etc.

"Step 3"

Preview: Shows a preview of all the properties from external data source.

"Step 3"