# Usage

The following steps will show you how to run Center of Gravity tool.

# STEP 1:

Select the items in the model that you wish to use the Center of Gravity on. In our example, we select a couple of structural beams.

"Step 1"

# STEP 2:

Go to Standard Tools in the iConstruct menu and click Center of Gravity button.

"Step 2"

# STEP 3:

A window will pop-up, showing the coordinate of the center of gravity. Click OK.

"Step 3"

# STEP 4:

A marker appears in the 3D view, showing the center of gravity.

"Step 4"

# STEP 5:

In addition an Excel Spreadsheet will open with your newly created Center of Gravity report. Save it to choosen directory.

"Step 5"

# Quick Overview:

Select the elements ➤ Go to Standard Tools ➤ Click on Center of Gravity