# Custom Group Names

The following steps will show you how to edit custom columns and define custom data in Clash Manager.

# STEP 1:

Run or Update Clash Test(s) in the Clash Detective.

# STEP 2:

Go to Standard tools in iConstruct panel and run the Clash Manager tool.


# STEP 3:

Select Clash Test from the drop-down menu to pull in the clashes from Clash Detective. "Icon"

# STEP 4:

Drag and drop desired grouping property from Column Chooser to the tree structure in Clash Manager dialogue to group the clashes (Proximity Group in our example).

"Step 4"

# STEP 5:

Right-click on the yellow, customizable column and select Expression Editor.

"Step 5"

# STEP 6:

Double-click the desired data to add to the expression.

"Step 6"

# STEP 7:

Multiple data entries can be added using the Plus operator.

"Step 7"

# STEP 8:

With drag and drop, columns can be reordered as needed.

"Step 8"

# STEP 9:

Click on the Create Clash Detective Group icon in the ribbon to update the grouping in the Clash Detective. Click OK. "Icon"

"Step 9"

# STEP 10:

Clashes in Clash Detective are updated and grouped, including new data, according to Clash Manager layout and Customized Columns.

# Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct panel ➤ Run Clash Manager tool ➤ Select your test ➤ Drag&Drop desired grouping property ➤ Select Expression Editor ➤ Edit the expression ➤ Reorder columns if needed ➤ Click Create Clash Detective Group ➤ Click OK