# Group Clashes by Properties

The following steps will show you how to group clashes using properties in Navisworks.

# STEP 1:

In the Selection Tree and Properties dialogue review which Read Level contains the information you need for grouping your clashes.

Read level 0.
Properties at Read level 0.

Read level 1.
Properties at Read level 1.

# STEP 2:

Go to Standard tools in iConstruct panel and run the Clash Manager tool.

"Step 2"

# STEP 3:

Click the Options icon in the dialogue. "Icon"

"Step 3"

# STEP 4:

Go to Data tab and set CR 1 Property Read Level and CR 2 Property Read Level. Click OK.

"Step 4"

# NOTE: Checkbox at Enable Subnode Comments allows the tool to check for the properties in lower levels (0 in this case) if not found in defined one.

# STEP 5:

Click on the Column Chooser tool in the Clash Manager ribbon.

"Step 5"

# STEP 6:

Drag and drop selected property from Column Chooser to the tree structure in Clash Manager dialogue.

"Step 6"

# NOTE: In the Column Chooser you will find all the properties in the Navisworks model.CR1 are the properties from Selection A model (Structural in our case) and CR2 are from Selection B model in Clash Detective (HVAC in our case).

# STEP 7:

Once your grouping layout is set, click on Save icon in the Clash Manager ribbon, give your Layout a name and Save. "Step 11"

"Step 7"

# Note: Saved layouts can later be reused with other clash tests and models as well as used in BIMflow. You can switch between different pre-saved layouts from the drop-down menu. To switch between Layouts, at least two are required.

# STEP 8:

To push defined grouping back into Clash Detective select desired grouping level (Test Name: Structural vs HVAC in our example) and click on the Create Clash Detective Group icon in the ribbon. "Step 8"

"Step 8"

# Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct panel ➤ Run Clash Manager tool ➤ Click Option icon ➤ Go to Data tab ➤ Set Property Read Levels ➤ Click OK ➤ Run Column Chooser ➤ Drag&Drop property ➤ Save the Layout ➤ Select Clash Groups ➤ Create Clash Detective Groups