# Usage

The following steps will show you how to use Create QA View tool for creating viewpoints with predefined comments.

# STEP 1:

Set orientation of the view and/or select the elements you want to color.

# STEP 2:

Go to Standard Tools tab in the iConstruct menu and click Create QA View.

"Step 2"

# STEP 3:

Define View Folder Name and select Comment from predefined list. Add a new comment if it's not existing in the list.

"Step 3"

# Note: By selecting a comment and pressing Delete button you can remove it from the list. All comments in the list are saved in the active iConstruct profile.

# STEP 4:

Check Color Selected Items and set the color from drop-down menu. Add other Advanced Options if needed.

"Step 4"

Hide Except Selected Items: when creating the view it will hide all unselected items.

Color Selected Items: set the desired color of selected items.

Set Background Color: change the background of the created view. Applies only to the view attached to E-mail.

Create Selection Set: creates a new selection set from the selected items.

Attach to E-Mail: opens active E-mail client and attaches a snapshot with created viewpoint information.

Use Comment as Viewpoint Name: if checked the created view will be named after the used comment, otherwise it will be named “QA View1, QA View2, etc.”

Viewpoint Suffix: adds the defined suffix after the view name.

# STEP 5:

Click Create View. Folder with saved Viewpoint and comment is created.

"Step 5"

# Quick Overview:

Select the elements ➤ Go to Standard Tools tab ➤ Click Create QA View ➤ Select a Comment ➤ Click Create View