What’s New?

iConstruct 2020.1

"Icon" Append Data

  • Default setting to keep an existing tab and option to add second tab
  • Color override for Viewpoints
  • Additional of Selection Tree Path to right click advance Append

"Icon" Audit

  • UI update

"Icon" BIMflow

  • New activity ZoomToAll
  • New activity Select Visible Items
  • New activity Export Clash Tests to Excel
  • New activity Remove Empty Clash Group
  • New activity CreateSearchSetActivity
  • LoadAppearanceProfiler now works with set folders
  • UpdateCurrentView allows for view folders
  • Fixed Profile Manager - Load profile

"Icon" Clash Manager

  • Renaming of functions in right click menu to make more intuitive
  • Fixed - Load old profile
  • Fixed - Clash Sphere old profile

"Icon" Data Links

  • SQL GUID update

"Icon" Integrator

  • Added option to copy all properties from a tab
  • Fixed - Duplicate Properties
  • Fixed - All properties on tab
  • Fixed - Multiple Tab

"Icon" Model Compiler

  • Default Template crash fix

"Icon" Most functions

  • Inserts and Collections now treated as group

"Icon" Quick Viewpoint

  • Added Quick Viewpoint Configuration in General Configuration tab

"Icon" Reconstruct

  • Addition of Korean compatibility

iConstruct 2020

iConstruct 2020 is Compatible with Navisworks 2020, 2019, and 2018. It includes lot of enhancements of existing features as well as new Cloud based Licencing Platform – Nalpeiron.

"Icon" Clash Manager

  • New column for perpendicular clashes (e.g. piping)
  • New feature to set Clash Priority Grouping
  • Added option for custom Elevation Grouping
  • Improved adding stations after selecting alignment
  • Setting page updated
  • Option to resize dialogue window
  • Option to display selection sets that item belongs to
  • Added option to rename Create Clashing Group Viewpoints

"Icon" BIMflow

  • Added Model Compare Activity
  • Added Clash Manager Activity - Export to Excel
  • New option to group single clashes with custom name
  • ProjectWise integration
  • Using arguments when starting Navisworks (e.g. start Navisworks Manage BIM 360)
  • Profiles in alphabetical order
  • Visual Settings crash when no model loaded fixed

"Icon" Data Links

  • Added option to read properties from .XLSX file with tables
  • Primavera data integration
  • Relative path fix

"Icon" Integrator

  • New option to add to multiple tabs
  • All properties from tab option

"Icon" Security Settings

  • Added option to Turn on All modules

"Icon" Report Designer

  • Ability to add an elevation and a plan view
  • Data report custom source option

"Icon" Dynamic Labeller

  • When labelling multiple elements as one - move line endpoint to center point of first object

"Icon" Select Similar

  • using wild card and <>

"Icon" Zone Tools

  • Template Crash fix

"Icon" BCF Exporter

  • Object Id fix

"Icon" Laser Point Creator

  • Bug Fix

"Icon" Audit

  • Item Colour - Bug fix