# iView Exporter

The iView Exporter allows you to export a new NWD model geometry and data contained in the existing view only. This provides quick and powerful ability to break up your Navisworks model into smaller models (by Cropping / Sectioning, Area, Viewpoint, Room, Level…).

The following steps will show you how to export sectioned model with iView Exporter.

# STEP 1:

Define section of a model you want to export.

"Step 1"

# STEP 2:

Go to Standard Tools in iConstruct menu and click iView Exporter.

"Step 2"

# STEP 3:

Define path and name of new file.

"Step 3"

# STEP 4:

Wait for the process to finish and click OK.

"Step 4"

# Quick Overview:

Define section box ➤ Click iView Exporter ➤ Select File Name and Path ➤ Click OK