The following steps will show you how to use Model Compare feature.


Select 2 models you want to compare or 2 Selection Sets/Search Sets.

"Step 1"


Go to Model Compare tab in iConstruct menu. Click on the configured button (Model Compare in our example).

"Step 2"


Once the process is completed a window will pop-up, showing how many items are New, Changed, Deleted and Unmatched.

"Step 3"

If your Model Compare configuration includes properties comparison, you can check the differences, at the Properties tab. You can navigate through diffrent items by clicking on the Highlight Item 1 and/or Highlight Item 2 buttons. You aslo have an ability to export the report into Excel or SQLite file.

"Step 3"

Note: SQLite file can later be used to open the report with Model Compare Browser (accessed from the Standard Tools).

"Step 3"

In addition, the items of the compared models get coloured depending on the status - New, Changed, Deleted and Unmatched and Selection Sets are created automatically.

"Step 3" "Step 3"

Quick Overview:

Select 2 models or 2 Selection Sets/Search Sets ➤ Go to Model Compare tab ➤ Run configured tool