Reconstruct the Selection Tree

The following steps will show how to reconstruct Selection Tree view in Navisworks model. In this example, we are using Tekla native file loaded in Navisworks, but it can be any other.

With Reconstruct tool we will reorganize the tree structure, based on the names of the parts. We want all the Angles, Braces and others grouped together and named.

A Selection Tree prior to reconstructing.
A Selection Tree after reconstructing.


The first step is to identify a property you want to use for grouping. Properties do not need to be on the same tab. In our example, we are using Name and Description property from the IFC tab and Discipline property from the IFC2 tab.

Properties for reconstructing in first tab.
Property for reconstructing in second tab.


Go to General Configuration tab in the iConstruct panel and click on ReConstruct Configuration tool.

"Step 2"


Click on New button and enter a template name. Click OK.

"Step 3" "Step 3"


Click on the ellipsis button and define a new Output File. You can leave this to the default %FILE%, which will set the Output File to the original models folder.

"Step 4"


You have three option with the Selection Mode. Choose how you want to export.

"Step 5"


Select an item in the background and click on Refresh Properties button.

"Step 6"

This loads all the Navisworks properties. Click OK.

"Step 6"


Select a Tab containing the property for sorting by the first level (IFC2 in our example).

"Step 7"


Select a Property for sorting by the first level (DISCIPLINE in our example).

"Step 8"


Select the name of the group. If you have multiple properties to choose from, it does not need to be named after the grouping property (as it is in our case).

"Step 9"

STEP 10:

If you wish to save the properties from the belonging grouping level, make sure that Include Properties is checked (In our example, we will preserve them only from the last level).

"Step 10"

STEP 11:

Each level can be set to Collection or Group, but only first level can be set to Layer and only the last level can be set to Item (Default Layer in our example). Select the level Type.

"Step 11"

STEP 12:

Select the preferred Search Order. This essentially means in which search order or specific level the properties should be read from (BottomUp in our example).

"Step 12"

STEP 13:

Repeat steps 7 through 11 for any number of further grouping levels. In our example, we are grouping by the total of 3 levels. Note that in the last level (Item Type), we have checked the Include Properties checkbox, as desctibed in step 10.

"Step 13"

STEP 14:

Click Save and Close.

"Step 14"

STEP 15:

We created a new template in ReConstruct tab in the iConstruct panel. Click Tekla Export button (or however you named it), define a path, name of the file and save it.

"Step 15"

STEP 16:

Click OK when exported.

"Step 16"

Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct panel ➤ Go to General Configuration tab ➤ Run ReConstruct Configuration ➤ Define Template Name ➤ Define Output File ➤ Define Selection Mode ➤ Refresh Properties ➤ Define grouping for desired number of levels ➤ Save ➤ Close