# Usage

The following steps will show you how to run the Smart DWG Exporter tool.

# STEP 1:

Select the items within the model that you wish to export to DWG file.

# Note: If you have set the Export Object to Visible in the Smart DWG Exporter Configuration, you can skip this step.

"Step 1"

# STEP 2:

Go to Smart DWG Exporter tab in iConstruct menu. Click on the configured button (DWG Export in our example).

"Step 2"

# STEP 3:

Define file location and name DWG file.

# STEP 4:

Wait for the process to finish. Once the process is completed, a status window will be displayed showing total time taken to export the model into DWG format.

"Step 3"

# Quick Overview:

Select the elements ➤ Go to Smart DWG Exporter tab ➤ Save the DWG File